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water cycle

Also – who can make the best contribution to this?

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Thank you


To the whole class and all the parents who helped bake, buy and bring,
Thank you so much for all the arrangements that were made today for my surprise birthday party!!! In 12 years I have never felt so appreciated by a class and as Ahmed said, I will remember it forever.
Thanks for the cakes, party poppers, balloons, banners, biscuits, biriyani, music and so many lovely presents.

What an amazing bunch!

Have a lovely holiday.

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Why I should be an Eco monitor


An Eco monitor is someone who takes care of our environment. This person has to have a good understanding of what is needed to protect the environment. They also have to be responsible for a number of things in their class and school. For example they have to make sure recycling is done correctly,energy is saved,waste is properly disposed off,trees are preserved and children are educated about the benefits of protecting the environment.

Some of the duties and responsibilites of an Eco monitor included,making sure there are recycling bins that are clearly labelled in class and in the playground,ensuring all recycling bins are accessible,ensure that all electrical equipment such as bulbs are switched off at the end of the day and ensure that the playground and class rooms are tidy.

I want to be an Eco monitor because I care about the environment and I am a very responsible person.I am also able to approach other children and talk to them and in that way I will be able to persuade them to look after their environment. I also have experience of looking after the environment that I have gained at home by carrying out activities such as recycling at home.

Being an Eco monitor could be a challenge because some children may not follow insrutions so that means I would have to carry out extra work to make sure that our environment continues to be protected. It may also be difficult to design the right information that is easy for children to understand and remember. Protecting the environment is a team work effort but some children may boot be able to work as a team and this may slow down progress in protecting the environment. Not looking after our environment can cause climate changes.

Being an Eco monitor is of benefit to the school and environment. I feel that I will be able to full fill this duty and contribute to thee world wide efforts of preserving the environment and stopping climate change.:-)

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Ahmed’s Homework


To help MR East we could stop wasting water because is the only one of the biggest ways individuals impact the health of the planet. Taking measures to use less water is something you can start doing right away. If you live in an area with a water shortage, this is even more important for the health of your region’s environment.

Chemicals are used to wash our bodies, homes, cars and everything else get washed down the drain or absorbed in the grass, and eventually end up in the water supply. Since most people use heavy-duty chemicals for all sorts of things, chemicals are doing real damage to waterways and aquatic life. The chemicals aren’t good for humans, either, so do your best to cut back on them.

We could save our planet if we recycle. And also we could throw paper in the recycle bin and other stuff made out of paper could go in the recycle bin just to not to make a mess and save our planet.

Unless you are making bread or pastries of some sort, don’t pre-heat the oven. Just turn it on when you put the dish in. Also, when checking on your food, look through the oven window instead of opening the door.

Always turn off incandescent bulbs when you leave a room. Fluorescent bulbs are more affected by the number of times it is switched on and off, so turn them off when you leave a room for 15 minutes or more. You’ll save energy on the bulb itself, but also on cooling costs, as lights contribute heat to a room.

These are the paragraphs for MR East to look after our planet.

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HomeWork Letter


Dear Mrs East,
My name is Safiya, I am a pupil in year five in 5H. I am writing this letter to Inform you about how to help the school to help the environment/world a bit more.Below I am going to write about wasting food. Plus if it is amazing you could share it with the Eco monitors.

At dinner time the dinner-ladies throw away a lot of food. For a while I was thinking about to make poster that stand out and put them around the school saying DONT WASTE FOOD. Or get lunchtime teachers to walk around giving feedback like saying eat more that might help not wasting food. Mrs East think about the children who don’t have much food so that just might work! Underneath I am going to write about not wasting paper.

In the school there are papers that aren’t used but thrown away in the bin. So we should have a big blue box saying recycle and have the monitors remind the teacher. Eco monitors can make the teachers persuade the whole class help recycle. Then we can save the world/environment. The next paragraph is going to be about littering.

Eventually, I have seen people through wrappers around the school and the school grounds. We could make a meeting with school councillors and Eco monitors to explain how littering could harm squirrels and birds not just humans animals around us. For example through in bags can get blown away and harm people/animals.That is why littering is a bad idea. Next i am going to conclude my letter.

To sum up, wasting food,wasting paper and littering is a bad habit if it stops we could stop that we could save the environment. If the world could work together we would get somewhere but if we don’t work together we won’t get anywhere. Rem

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why I want to be a eco-monitor


Miss East,

I am writing to you so I can be an eco-monitor. If get chosen to this wonderful role I can take care of others, take care of our school, take care of our community and even take care of our world!

If I do get chosen to be a eco-monitor I will take care of everything every rubbish and how the people play together and the behaviour of other people I can try to get them to calm down and to relax and play fair. And I’m going to help children to get on with each other and they all stay happy.

At home I’m normally clean and at school and in the community but other people think that our community is just a garbage area but the eco-monitors can change that and help our community change e.g. we can put big attractive signs in our community.

The eco-monitors don’t just take care of our community and the people they also take care of our school. It is important to keep our school tidy, as much we do from the inside we need to do this from the outside as-well people just need to make that small different to just put a small packet in the bin.

The eco-monitors don’t just take care of other take care of a our school or our community the even take care of our world, the world is an important place we live in so do we have to keep it tidy? yes. if we don’t take care of the world it will smell it will be a world u dont want to live in so why don’t you just keep it tidy.

To conclude I think that a job for being an eco-monitor i can handle and take care of. I can keep our school tidy our community tidy and our beautiful world and especially our universe!!

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Quest of Life


Chapter 1-

Blixter was a brave and bold girl. Despite the unbearable circumstances, she was better than ever. Only last week she became a melancholy orphan. Her mother died at Blixter’s birth, who thinks it’s her fault. Her father died when a Cornflordix, a telekinetic beast, attacked. To Blixter, it was like it happened this morning. Her souvenir of her beloved father was an iridescent medallion, which was his souvenir of the Land of Miracles.

At that moment she clenched the medallion so tight her knuckles went white. With a gust of wind, an elf appeared. The poor creature had big drooping ears like dead flowers. Its eyes were wide and so circular it would’ve been nearly impossible to draw them free-hand. Its rib cage was sticking out because of a lack of food, likely to be. “Hi, I’m . . . Telf the elf from the . . . Land of Miracles!” squeaked Telf in such a high-pitched voice.

“Woah, I’ve never seen a female elf on my days in the universe,” gasped Blixter. Her eyes bulged madly. “Well, there you g . . . wait a minute, you said I was a female, pah, no way! I’m a respected male,” an insulted Telf retorted. Telf started to explore his surroundings. He strolled to an expensive glass case encasing a precious crystal. Telf reached out to touch it. “Nooooo! It belongs to my dear mummy!” cried Blixter so tearfully. She could never betray her parents, even if their soulless bodies sleep in to a death coma in their final resting place.

The mythical male elf touched the crumbling plaster. Something happened in a blink of an eye. She could’ve screamed – a very loud one – but decided it was be

st not to. The spruce laminated floor rotated. It’s already done 26 full turns in 42.653724 seconds. Everything in the landscape altered in a whirl. The variables included trees, the ground, leaves, streets and many more things. The sun rose beautifully and was the source of all the heat and light. She spent the time lying down on the soft moss. She was overwhelmed with joy.

“OMG, how on Earth could this really be happening!” Blixter half giggled, half gasped. Tears of happiness and joy dribbled down her cheeks. Her eyes was smarting with them. “ Hmm mm, I’m a miraculous elf from the Land of Miracles and this my thirty-six trillion, six hundred and fifty four billion, seven hundred and twenty nine million, five hundred and eight thousand and first miracle.” Telf sighed sluggishly.

“You’ve done 36`654`729`508`001miracles!!! You’ve surely got to be kidding, noway that’s possible, nunca posible,” Blixter laughed. “Anyway, forget it, I might believe you, Melf, Shelf, What’s-its-name.”

“ T -t-t . . . Telf,” he gulped. The majestic yew trees’ branches stretched out proudly. The pale, cloudless and bland sky darkened slightly to light blue. The horizon could be seen from their positions. As they dreamt about, an Olympic-sized swimming pool grew from the moss.

Chapter 2-

The rocks crumbled down Mount Surveoulles as great hands rested on them. The rough fingers gripped the rocks around the summit firmly and hauled its body up. The Cornflordix growled and thumped his chest with his fists. The noise echoed around the county . It was a warning. It jumped off the mountain. It clambered to the closest tree. The Cornflordix grabbed the trunk and pulled it out of its roots and threw in the gulley . The gulley was crowded with rubbish that the beast with telekinesis had severed .

The Cornflordix repeated the process to the other trees . At the final tree, an oak tree, Cornie was exhausted . Its strength had been fully used . As he tried to refill his energy , he strode to the nearest building and punched the glass window which broke into shards, sharp shards. He picked up a stick and examined it and threw it above in to the chimney. The people and pets escaped from the pile of rubble. Cornie cackled sinisterly and stepped on a twig that had a nest of hummingbirds’ eggs. Chaos and havoc worked together to destroy the place.

Back at the luxurious house, Blixter and Telf were wading in the chlorinated water enjoying its coolness in the heat. They heard a distant crack. The next minute, an iron ingot was hurled at them. They heard the warning but decided that they were mistaken. Cornflordix was heading for them next so they got out of the pool and went inside to dry. As they were dry they wore on a jumper and special boots for trekking for grip on ground. They rushed out and found the disastrous monster. The beast was heavily armed with objects. Telf picked up a heavy rock and threw it at him. The rock changed direction and headed for poor Telf.

Telf screamed and dodged quickly. Blixter held his hand. “Come on Telf the miraculous elf, we have to go to the Armoury and Weaponry room,” Blixter yelled. Telf obeyed and got to his feet. Another ingot, a gold one, flew at their heads at breakneck speed. As they entered the lawn, they were panting. They strolled slowly through the corridors to the Armoury and Weaponry room.

They picked up a diamond chest plate,golden helmet, leather boots, chain-mail pants and iron sword in a scabbard attached to a belt. They wore the items and got ready for battle. They smudged camouflage cream on their faces and arms. A diamond gem flew through the window and smashed through the wall with a piece of zink following. Blixter stepped out to the streets and looked for Cornie and Telf followed suit. Cornie roared which helped Blixter and Telf to find him. Eventually he was found thumping his chest and they threw a sword at him and he was killed.

Chapter 3-

Blixter and Telf were petrified but not for long. They couldn’t believe they comitted a crime of murder. Blixter’s father materialised in front of the pair. She hugged him tightly and he let out a stream of reassuring words. “Don’t worry dear Blixter, I’m back with you with soul.,” he reassured Blixter. She cried very mournfully. “How about mummy, isn’t she still dead,”she sobbed.

precious mother appeared. Telf whirled back into the iridescent medallion. Blixter’s father got it back and they all three embraced each other.


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Dear diary


My name is Cedric and I m a servant in the dark castle.Yesterday there were some strange boy and a girl camed to our castle . There name were Mac and Bella.There were asking strange questions.There were interested in the story that what happened to Queen Portia.I was very confused and there weren t giving respect  to the soldiers.There were Imagining that were just actors but they didn’t know that this was real.There were saying that there mom and dad were  waiting to go .When the king said Queen Portia was he’s wife ,and Mac was blurted “Your Wife”.I was feeling very  strange about this childs.Over night they sleept in the castle in a room wich had a painting that showed a picture of  a man  that is fishing.Later at night I discovered that they were snooping in my father  ‘s room.They were lying and were trying  to run of me.But I got them  , later on I find out that they were telling the true.


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Cedric’s diary


Dear diary

Today was another eventful day at Dark Castle. Those children, well there is something suspicious about them. Today you won’t believe what I caught them doing. I’ll start from the beginning.

It was night and I was patrolling the castle to keep out trouble makers when I heard muffled whispers in my father’s private study! I went to investigate and sure enough there were two people in there. I shouted at them to get out or rather alert them to my presence. I strode purposefully into the syudy just as the two trouble makers ran out. If the culprits were just innocent, lost people then surely they would just stand their ground and explain themselves?

I gave chase to find out who was snooping in the study. I also shouted a bit, just to show them who was in charge.

Suddenly I saw two figures desperately trying to open a locked door. It led to the guardhouses. I snorted. Now I would find the cause of this disturbance.  “You won’t get away with this!” I shouted. You won ‘t believe who I found. The two children. The guests! I knew they were aiding with the Queen. Instead of taking them to court, I  think I will deal with them in my own way…….

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Dear diary my name is Cedric and I dispise the twins

Because the have no sterth and they never get ready for anything they are look like a lettle scary cat going to there mumy. It, s so rood to do that to the king and even more worst they look at my dad sicert room and he have a spetionle case in the the room. That posty be my and my dads scert thing we did  togther.I felly reely angy and the were scenking around the room when it, s bed time and they knokted over a book and made a big bang! And they tied to run away from the casliey! I feely ferious, angy, and shookted.


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Cedric’s diary


Dear Diary,

Today was the most suspicious day of my life on anything especially kids like the twins that are staying with us. They were nosing into my dad’s studies the villagers all call him Sir Sly Melrose. My Mum is is named Queen Portia and she is the one who started the Plague. Back to the twins they are starting to get on my nerves and they sneaked into my father’s study and said that they didn’t admit to it LIARS! When they entered the castle I knew they were going to play some kind of prank and that’s when I was starting to get frustrated. I think I will have to come up with a plan to make them go back home.

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Cedric’s diary


Dear dairy
My name is Cedric and I am a survant at dark castle. Yesterday somth ing suspishos happend tow young children came in and were doing something sush pishos I coldent gues what it was but I knew it was something to do with troble I cant trust them kids them there is something going on that I do not like about thous kids.this eivning they were up to some thing but I dont know.This morning they were asking for my name but I just told them what my name was and then I said dous it have to be youre buisnes and they said nothing so I just went away,and then for a wile I we nt and came back and I herd a loud noise and went to chek it out and then I saw something realy bad the tow children mac and bella were going throgh my dads stuf on the shelf they were piking up a book that was on the floor and then wen I asked the wat they onely said that they onely said that they dropped a book and were piking it up but, I dident belive them I saw them going thogh my dads stuf so then the book fell on the floor.I do not trust mac and bella.I saw them with my own eyes that they were snooping thats right snooping in my dads stuf I was shoct wen I saw what they were doing I new that I coldent trust them since the day I met them my father will be feorios wen he finds out wat mac and bella were doing in his shelf of books and then they trid to get there selfs out by lighing but me and them .

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my diary.


Ireall hate bella and mac they always be mean to dad.can, t they just be nice to my dad

They once went into my dads room and they were looking at my dad’s book and they got cort then my dad got his lblong sord and smashed it on to the floor and scared them of and my dad went after them too. I just feel sad I want them to go away for a long time I don, t like them.When they came I said to my self some thing bad is going to happen and it is not good it is bad they thort that this was a park.

By Liam

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Cedric’s diary


Dear diary,

My name is Cedric. Today was mysterious.  Two suspicious secret agents working for Queen Portia. They were snooping in my Father’s study. I could hardly Trust The scoundrels. I will dispose them in my way. I  feel weird and that the agents will spread the plague.h 

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Interesting coder.


We talked today about different ways of coding the same action… but are some ways more beautiful than others? Can coding be art? Watch this video and see what Santiago thinks?

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Hour of Code


Next week as Coding Week. The challenge is for every child to do at least one hour of computer coding. Sounds tricky? Well why don’t you have a go at completing the angry birds and plants v zombie games here.

There is also 2code on purple mash and espresso coding.

There is so much to play and do in coding. I can’t wait to see who is going to become our champion coders.

Don’t forget to look out for another code club later in the year after school as well. 

So much to do to get ahead.

I need to get a head!

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MI High plants activity


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The Evil cloud


On a beautiful day, the birds were all tweeting and singing happily. Like exited children, the birds were flying all over the place under me which was really frustrating.This was not until the huge wave jumped out of no were like a Jack in a box. Over the birds the wave went the wave and gobbled the birds down into the sea. Happily I thanked the wave because the birds were annoying me. But I was sure that wasn’t enough so I separated with the other clouds to give the wave some sunshine.He didn’t like that and that was when I became friends with the wave because I hated the yellow sun.

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The Angry sea!


One stormy night, the silent boat sailied across the roaring sea. Like a lion chasing a mouse the  fierce wave chased the frightend boat away.
Lighting up the angry sea the clouds bursted into a water fall.

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The kind petrified clouds


On a happy, bright morning the shiny sun was shining on the carm sea. But earlier that night, an ancient boat sailed on the sea, as I was going to hurl down to drop my rain drops something terrible happened!… As quick as lightning the cunning sea opened it’s jaws and was about to swallow the instant boat! Terrified, the boat sailed away. Hoping it wasn’t too late, I struck my lightning to distract the evil sea…

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