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Dear dairy
My name is Cedric and I am a survant at dark castle. Yesterday somth ing suspishos happend tow young children came in and were doing something sush pishos I coldent gues what it was but I knew it was something to do with troble I cant trust them kids them there is something going on that I do not like about thous kids.this eivning they were up to some thing but I dont know.This morning they were asking for my name but I just told them what my name was and then I said dous it have to be youre buisnes and they said nothing so I just went away,and then for a wile I we nt and came back and I herd a loud noise and went to chek it out and then I saw something realy bad the tow children mac and bella were going throgh my dads stuf on the shelf they were piking up a book that was on the floor and then wen I asked the wat they onely said that they onely said that they dropped a book and were piking it up but, I dident belive them I saw them going thogh my dads stuf so then the book fell on the floor.I do not trust mac and bella.I saw them with my own eyes that they were snooping thats right snooping in my dads stuf I was shoct wen I saw what they were doing I new that I coldent trust them since the day I met them my father will be feorios wen he finds out wat mac and bella were doing in his shelf of books and then they trid to get there selfs out by lighing but me and them .

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