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Dear diary

Today was another eventful day at Dark Castle. Those children, well there is something suspicious about them. Today you won’t believe what I caught them doing. I’ll start from the beginning.

It was night and I was patrolling the castle to keep out trouble makers when I heard muffled whispers in my father’s private study! I went to investigate and sure enough there were two people in there. I shouted at them to get out or rather alert them to my presence. I strode purposefully into the syudy just as the two trouble makers ran out. If the culprits were just innocent, lost people then surely they would just stand their ground and explain themselves?

I gave chase to find out who was snooping in the study. I also shouted a bit, just to show them who was in charge.

Suddenly I saw two figures desperately trying to open a locked door. It led to the guardhouses. I snorted. Now I would find the cause of this disturbance.  “You won’t get away with this!” I shouted. You won ‘t believe who I found. The two children. The guests! I knew they were aiding with the Queen. Instead of taking them to court, I  think I will deal with them in my own way…….

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