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Dear Mrs East,
My name is Safiya, I am a pupil in year five in 5H. I am writing this letter to Inform you about how to help the school to help the environment/world a bit more.Below I am going to write about wasting food. Plus if it is amazing you could share it with the Eco monitors.

At dinner time the dinner-ladies throw away a lot of food. For a while I was thinking about to make poster that stand out and put them around the school saying DONT WASTE FOOD. Or get lunchtime teachers to walk around giving feedback like saying eat more that might help not wasting food. Mrs East think about the children who don’t have much food so that just might work! Underneath I am going to write about not wasting paper.

In the school there are papers that aren’t used but thrown away in the bin. So we should have a big blue box saying recycle and have the monitors remind the teacher. Eco monitors can make the teachers persuade the whole class help recycle. Then we can save the world/environment. The next paragraph is going to be about littering.

Eventually, I have seen people through wrappers around the school and the school grounds. We could make a meeting with school councillors and Eco monitors to explain how littering could harm squirrels and birds not just humans animals around us. For example through in bags can get blown away and harm people/animals.That is why littering is a bad idea. Next i am going to conclude my letter.

To sum up, wasting food,wasting paper and littering is a bad habit if it stops we could stop that we could save the environment. If the world could work together we would get somewhere but if we don’t work together we won’t get anywhere. Rem

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