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Quest of Life


Chapter 1-

Blixter was a brave and bold girl. Despite the unbearable circumstances, she was better than ever. Only last week she became a melancholy orphan. Her mother died at Blixter’s birth, who thinks it’s her fault. Her father died when a Cornflordix, a telekinetic beast, attacked. To Blixter, it was like it happened this morning. Her souvenir of her beloved father was an iridescent medallion, which was his souvenir of the Land of Miracles.

At that moment she clenched the medallion so tight her knuckles went white. With a gust of wind, an elf appeared. The poor creature had big drooping ears like dead flowers. Its eyes were wide and so circular it would’ve been nearly impossible to draw them free-hand. Its rib cage was sticking out because of a lack of food, likely to be. “Hi, I’m . . . Telf the elf from the . . . Land of Miracles!” squeaked Telf in such a high-pitched voice.

“Woah, I’ve never seen a female elf on my days in the universe,” gasped Blixter. Her eyes bulged madly. “Well, there you g . . . wait a minute, you said I was a female, pah, no way! I’m a respected male,” an insulted Telf retorted. Telf started to explore his surroundings. He strolled to an expensive glass case encasing a precious crystal. Telf reached out to touch it. “Nooooo! It belongs to my dear mummy!” cried Blixter so tearfully. She could never betray her parents, even if their soulless bodies sleep in to a death coma in their final resting place.

The mythical male elf touched the crumbling plaster. Something happened in a blink of an eye. She could’ve screamed – a very loud one – but decided it was be

st not to. The spruce laminated floor rotated. It’s already done 26 full turns in 42.653724 seconds. Everything in the landscape altered in a whirl. The variables included trees, the ground, leaves, streets and many more things. The sun rose beautifully and was the source of all the heat and light. She spent the time lying down on the soft moss. She was overwhelmed with joy.

“OMG, how on Earth could this really be happening!” Blixter half giggled, half gasped. Tears of happiness and joy dribbled down her cheeks. Her eyes was smarting with them. “ Hmm mm, I’m a miraculous elf from the Land of Miracles and this my thirty-six trillion, six hundred and fifty four billion, seven hundred and twenty nine million, five hundred and eight thousand and first miracle.” Telf sighed sluggishly.

“You’ve done 36`654`729`508`001miracles!!! You’ve surely got to be kidding, noway that’s possible, nunca posible,” Blixter laughed. “Anyway, forget it, I might believe you, Melf, Shelf, What’s-its-name.”

“ T -t-t . . . Telf,” he gulped. The majestic yew trees’ branches stretched out proudly. The pale, cloudless and bland sky darkened slightly to light blue. The horizon could be seen from their positions. As they dreamt about, an Olympic-sized swimming pool grew from the moss.

Chapter 2-

The rocks crumbled down Mount Surveoulles as great hands rested on them. The rough fingers gripped the rocks around the summit firmly and hauled its body up. The Cornflordix growled and thumped his chest with his fists. The noise echoed around the county . It was a warning. It jumped off the mountain. It clambered to the closest tree. The Cornflordix grabbed the trunk and pulled it out of its roots and threw in the gulley . The gulley was crowded with rubbish that the beast with telekinesis had severed .

The Cornflordix repeated the process to the other trees . At the final tree, an oak tree, Cornie was exhausted . Its strength had been fully used . As he tried to refill his energy , he strode to the nearest building and punched the glass window which broke into shards, sharp shards. He picked up a stick and examined it and threw it above in to the chimney. The people and pets escaped from the pile of rubble. Cornie cackled sinisterly and stepped on a twig that had a nest of hummingbirds’ eggs. Chaos and havoc worked together to destroy the place.

Back at the luxurious house, Blixter and Telf were wading in the chlorinated water enjoying its coolness in the heat. They heard a distant crack. The next minute, an iron ingot was hurled at them. They heard the warning but decided that they were mistaken. Cornflordix was heading for them next so they got out of the pool and went inside to dry. As they were dry they wore on a jumper and special boots for trekking for grip on ground. They rushed out and found the disastrous monster. The beast was heavily armed with objects. Telf picked up a heavy rock and threw it at him. The rock changed direction and headed for poor Telf.

Telf screamed and dodged quickly. Blixter held his hand. “Come on Telf the miraculous elf, we have to go to the Armoury and Weaponry room,” Blixter yelled. Telf obeyed and got to his feet. Another ingot, a gold one, flew at their heads at breakneck speed. As they entered the lawn, they were panting. They strolled slowly through the corridors to the Armoury and Weaponry room.

They picked up a diamond chest plate,golden helmet, leather boots, chain-mail pants and iron sword in a scabbard attached to a belt. They wore the items and got ready for battle. They smudged camouflage cream on their faces and arms. A diamond gem flew through the window and smashed through the wall with a piece of zink following. Blixter stepped out to the streets and looked for Cornie and Telf followed suit. Cornie roared which helped Blixter and Telf to find him. Eventually he was found thumping his chest and they threw a sword at him and he was killed.

Chapter 3-

Blixter and Telf were petrified but not for long. They couldn’t believe they comitted a crime of murder. Blixter’s father materialised in front of the pair. She hugged him tightly and he let out a stream of reassuring words. “Don’t worry dear Blixter, I’m back with you with soul.,” he reassured Blixter. She cried very mournfully. “How about mummy, isn’t she still dead,”she sobbed.

precious mother appeared. Telf whirled back into the iridescent medallion. Blixter’s father got it back and they all three embraced each other.


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“Quest of Life”

  1. June 30th, 2014 at 4:47 pm      Reply Abigail Says:

    Very nice story Jiyaad

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