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Why I should be an Eco monitor


An Eco monitor is someone who takes care of our environment. This person has to have a good understanding of what is needed to protect the environment. They also have to be responsible for a number of things in their class and school. For example they have to make sure recycling is done correctly,energy is saved,waste is properly disposed off,trees are preserved and children are educated about the benefits of protecting the environment.

Some of the duties and responsibilites of an Eco monitor included,making sure there are recycling bins that are clearly labelled in class and in the playground,ensuring all recycling bins are accessible,ensure that all electrical equipment such as bulbs are switched off at the end of the day and ensure that the playground and class rooms are tidy.

I want to be an Eco monitor because I care about the environment and I am a very responsible person.I am also able to approach other children and talk to them and in that way I will be able to persuade them to look after their environment. I also have experience of looking after the environment that I have gained at home by carrying out activities such as recycling at home.

Being an Eco monitor could be a challenge because some children may not follow insrutions so that means I would have to carry out extra work to make sure that our environment continues to be protected. It may also be difficult to design the right information that is easy for children to understand and remember. Protecting the environment is a team work effort but some children may boot be able to work as a team and this may slow down progress in protecting the environment. Not looking after our environment can cause climate changes.

Being an Eco monitor is of benefit to the school and environment. I feel that I will be able to full fill this duty and contribute to thee world wide efforts of preserving the environment and stopping climate change.:-)

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