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why I want to be a eco-monitor


Miss East,

I am writing to you so I can be an eco-monitor. If get chosen to this wonderful role I can take care of others, take care of our school, take care of our community and even take care of our world!

If I do get chosen to be a eco-monitor I will take care of everything every rubbish and how the people play together and the behaviour of other people I can try to get them to calm down and to relax and play fair. And I’m going to help children to get on with each other and they all stay happy.

At home I’m normally clean and at school and in the community but other people think that our community is just a garbage area but the eco-monitors can change that and help our community change e.g. we can put big attractive signs in our community.

The eco-monitors don’t just take care of our community and the people they also take care of our school. It is important to keep our school tidy, as much we do from the inside we need to do this from the outside as-well people just need to make that small different to just put a small packet in the bin.

The eco-monitors don’t just take care of other take care of a our school or our community the even take care of our world, the world is an important place we live in so do we have to keep it tidy? yes. if we don’t take care of the world it will smell it will be a world u dont want to live in so why don’t you just keep it tidy.

To conclude I think that a job for being an eco-monitor i can handle and take care of. I can keep our school tidy our community tidy and our beautiful world and especially our universe!!

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“why I want to be a eco-monitor”

  1. May 14th, 2014 at 6:16 pm      Reply mohamed Says:

    I do agree with you Mujtaba you do tack care of things like tack liter of the ground but if you want to be Eco monitor you need to tack responsibility of lots of things.I do hope that you are the Eco monitor.


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