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Dear diary


My name is Cedric and I m a servant in the dark castle.Yesterday there were some strange boy and a girl camed to our castle . There name were Mac and Bella.There were asking strange questions.There were interested in the story that what happened to Queen Portia.I was very confused and there weren t giving […]

New class 5h


When i was new in the school i was very quite  and i don’t now how to use tablets then mr Heap help me how to use them but then learn them how to use them and i wasn’t good to reading  and i don’t  now what is the quiz but mr Heap show me […]

Boudicca history


In the school we are learning about Romans.And we are learning about Boudicca the queen of the Iceni people and she was married with  Prasutagus. They attack London and Verulamium .Prasutagus deal with Romans  when Prasutagus die one part   go to Romans and one of her family.The  Romans attack  Boudicca  but they lose.On the […]

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Our harvest assembly by 5h


Hi Mr Heap i won to tell about our asssembly.Assembly was very nice and i  love when we sing the song we are the world  and we practice many days for our harvest assembly. And i have very fun thanks to Mr Heap and Miss Haris

Samsung tablets are amazing


I like Samsung galaxy tablets because they are big and more apps of phones. The first thing of Samsung galaxy  tablets is  they have the pen and then we have more fun to play games or writing some thing.The thing of Samsung galaxy tablets i like is drawing up to the picture  is really fun […]


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