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why I want to be a eco-monitor


To Miss East, I am writing to you so I can be an eco-monitor. If get chosen to this wonderful role I can take care of others, take care of our school, take care of our community and even take care of our world! If I do get chosen to be a eco-monitor I will […]

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The frightend boat


One spooky night, while the lonley boat was sailing on the up and down sea. On my deack there was a small amount of water drops but then suddenly I looked around and I saw an vast wave.I was  freaked out so I tried to direct my boat away from the wave but the wave […]

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Chapter 2


When the set of they just about to see the sea see suddenly they saw an AAA gun fire they were in massive danger so they all were panicking but Emily wasn’t because she was a trained polite she knew what to do so she didn’t panic but the rest of them suggested to jump […]

The mission to Oasis


One weird day in a place where they were having a war with Afghanistan where there was a boy called Oran and a girl called Penny they were both fifteen years old they really loved to have secret adventure but they do miss some days of school. They  really loved to play with each other […]

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Year 5


To be in Year 5 has been the best opportunity in Plymouth grove primary school   because you have the best teacher and the Samsung galaxy tablet the tablets are amazingly cool. You can download apps for your learning  and you can download some games what Mr Heap say are edible to play, they just […]

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