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Cedric’s diary


Dear diary Today was another eventful day at Dark Castle. Those children, well there is something suspicious about them. Today you won’t believe what I caught them doing. I’ll start from the beginning. It was night and I was patrolling the castle to keep out trouble makers when I heard muffled whispers in my father’s […]

The Dragon Prophecy


In a time of great danger four boys shall unite One an orphan from birth trained to fight Blood of the namesake, the only light Destroyer of man shall be source of his might At opposite corners together twins stand, Fight back to back, made by one hand Three predators, from sky, sea and land […]

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Last week began with the arrival of some special visitors. Two people from Samsung came to see how our class were getting on with the Samsung galaxy tablets,the new whiteboard and all the other things that they have given us. During that time, Mujtaba and I discovered how to use and create an aurasma. An […]

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Home poem


Home Home is the non-stopping noise of my dad’s phone on the shelf Home is the mighty mess of clothes on my floor Home is the special silence of homework time in the front room Home is the tumbling toil of food falling out of the fridge in the kitchen Home is the sour sound […]

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