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HomeWork Letter


Dear Mrs East, My name is Safiya, I am a pupil in year five in 5H. I am writing this letter to Inform you about how to help the school to help the environment/world a bit more.Below I am going to write about wasting food. Plus if it is amazing you could share it with […]

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The Piano/Rusty


Greetings, I am Rusty the piano. I have been in this warm loving classroom, for seven years with warm gentle Mr Heap, for a few years and a bit that has been a long time. So let me describe a bit to you because you don’t know who I am so listen up. When I […]

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My Best Lesson So Far


When we did our pictures on S-NOTE is was amazing, we took a picture of something and drew around it, it was cool. The best thing about doing that is that it was a great laugh! How Mr Heap did it with Luqman was funny. At first the question was how he did it? Was […]

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Samsung Afternoon


On Monday 30TH of September SAMSUNG men came. They are very supportive to use and kindly gave use SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 10.1 They are very kind. My tablet has a special number and it is number nine. And every technical things in the class is made by SAMSUNG. We have it because we deserve it. […]

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