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The Evil cloud


On a beautiful day, the birds were all tweeting and singing happily. Like exited children, the birds were flying all over the place under me which was really frustrating.This was not until the huge wave jumped out of no were like a Jack in a box. Over the birds the wave went the wave and […]

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Letter to Samsung


Dear Samsung, Iam writing to give you you feedback about the Samsung Galaxy Tablets .My name is Waad and I am a school girl from Plymouth Grove primary school from year 5 and class 5H with Mr Heap. Me and most of my classlove the Samsung Tablets and think they are very fun because of […]

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Learning With Samsung Tablets


In 5H this year I have been learning in a different way then I have been for the last 6 years, because of the Samsung tablets. They have helped me get better and quicker at my times tables but in a much funner way. They have helped me do more accelerated reader quizzes because I don’t […]

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