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The frightend boat


One spooky night, while the lonley boat was sailing on the up and down sea. On my deack there was a small amount of water drops but then suddenly I looked around and I saw an vast wave.I was  freaked out so I tried to direct my boat away from the wave but the wave first took the birds first then they came towards me. I tried to call the 999 but I didn’t get to because my phone wasn’t with me. I surley was doomed  because I felt a massive gush of water nearly landing on me. I tried to jump out of the boat but I new I was going to die so I didn’t try but I really wanted to escape so I stayed in an make the gush of water land on me.

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Boat in a storm water

We used this image from the internet to inspire some writing using personification. We also tried to look at using a variety of ways of starting sentences.

Let us know what you thought by leaving a comment.

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The trip to Deva (Chester)


We went on a trip to Deva, what Romans called Chester. Mr. Heap, Mrs. Heap and Mrs. Axis came with us and I was in Mrs. Axis’ group. 5O and 5H went on a Tuesday; a day before yesterday. We went to the top deck of the coach and the generous driver put The Lion King on the television on the deck we were sitting on. Mr. Heap will give us a Class Dojo point each time we find a sheep, cow, horse and donkey; he jokingly said we’ll get fifty Class Dojo points if we find a CAMEL!!! 

It was a long ride. We went to the Newstead Museum and someone taught us about real things and replica  and how the Archeologists found Roman and other historical proof. Romans used numbers for armies and legions and used numerals to represent them thus the Romans didn’t have a numeral for zero. Chester meant a Military Camp meaning in Deva and Mamulodunum (Chester and Manchester) was a Military Camp. There was a fort in Manchester but a fortress in Chester. The fortress was made near River Dee for water supply. Something something something Significo told us to put on the plastic Armour and shields and find a partner. Fizal didn’t have a partner so he was a Significo and volunteered Isha and Sheema as Preema and Sacundda to be optios also known as Significos. We walked to the Amphitheatre and practiced two formations, Contra Equitas and the Testudo or the tortoise. We mastered them both. The, I think the general, talked to us about Gladiators and volunteered as one. If one gladiator was injured very badly and wants to retire then the audience would judge him. They’d say Meetay to let him go unharmed or Yugyila to lop his head off. Significo put his sword on my throat and everyone said Yugyila and for a moment I thought my head was going to roll on the blood-splattered sand but the guy said he got letter of complaints for blood on uniform.

We did an activity in the stone and other museum section and, group by group, we went to the gift shop to spend £2 for souvenirs and a little sweet only if you really want one. We went back on the coach and continued watching The Lion King. I bet, no doubt, that everyone enjoyed the trip to Deva.

By Jiyaad

Recount copyright © Jiyaad (5H) 2013

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trip to Chester


On Tuesday 26th November , we went to the glory of Chester . We went because we wanted to learn more about Roman solders so then we went up stairs to learn more about the armour . After that we got a chance to toch 2000 years old rocks meanwhile the other group was bilding Roman solders protected wall. After a while we met the Roman solders and he chose me to be the officer but I had to shout out loud so every one can hear me. Then we lined up and the solder never liked spaces in there lines so we filled the gaps and we marched back to grosvenor museum. We found  lots of items that were 2000 years old.

We learnt lots of things tortoise untill we learnt how to walk like a tortoise.

It was sad when we left but I thought I learnt every thing.

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Chapter 2 – The Cursed talon of Death


The war wasn’t one you would want to participate in. There many gentlemen in black suits carrying corpses to their final resting place. I can’t see shacks anywhere as far as I can see. Could he be dead, I thought. No, he couldn’t because he was safe with Maxlionnes ‘ Mars Bar’ Barrusinx, the war guardian. Stoick the Hairy was injured immensely. We thought the battle would be unjust to Actelseverorio that we outnumber him a million to one. I found a ginormous rock with a talon lying upon it. It was no ordinary talon. Suddenly, I recognize the type of talon it was. This is no talon from any birds or dragons but it could be from a Nightfury, just maybe. It was a Nightfang talon; a venomous one that can only do harm in the night. Shacks jumped from behind a nearby. ” Yo, mate, it’s cool, innit,” Shacks claimed.

I frowned. ” Don’t use slang words, they do not suit you,” I glazed awkwardly  at the talon and I just cannot lift my eyes from it. I pulled my short dagger  from its sheath and steadied it strike the exact centre of the talon so the fungus-like luminous poison oozes out. The knife couldn’t get any closer than twenty centimetres to the talon. My muscles stiffened and I think I’m paralyzed but my heart is fine which is still hammering against my chest and my brain is normal. I gasp aghast when I realize what occurred to me.


© Jiyaad (5H) 2013

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My trip to London








What a busy day. Managed together 1 letter on the blog and showed the lovely people at the British Museum the video. Hope you like the pictures. See you tomorrow!

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Letter to Samsung


Dear Samsung,

Iam writing to give you you feedback about the Samsung Galaxy Tablets .My name is Waad and I am a school girl from Plymouth Grove primary school from year 5 and class 5H with Mr Heap.

Me and most of my classlove the Samsung Tablets and think they are very fun because of S note , paper artist and all of the other games and links that have been downloaded. Learning has become easy and fun because os the tings you have kindly bought to us. S note has helped us to take notes of the learning we are doing in year 5.

Accelarated reader has been alot easier because there used to only be 2 computers computers to do Accelarated reader a quiz when ever they need to. That has been ever so helpful to all of the readers in our class. Using a calculater is very simple because there is a good calculater on the tablets.

What you could do to improve is try to at least make the Internet load faster. Most things do not work when than about8 people are using the same website.  So could could you please try to fix that problem? But over all everything is absolutely fine.

I would just like to thank you for what you have kindly given to us. The Samsung Galaxy Tablets help us learn in lots of different ways, so thank you so much for the Tablets and the Samsung smart board.

Yours faithfully                                                                                                                                                                                                   Waad


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Samsung Classroom


I am not at school tomorrow as I am down in London showing all the fantastic things that you have been doing in class this half term. I will be showing this video. See if you can spot yourself.

Be good, work hard and I will see you tomorrow.

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Our Trip to Deva (Chester)


We had a great time today as you can see from the photos. I wonder who will be the first to write a fantastic recount of our day on the blog. You recount will include:
Chronological events.
Description of the day and what you learnt.
Time and causal connectives
Complex sentences.
Accurate punctuation.

5 Dojo points for a good attempt. Use the photos below to help you and add your work as a post (tag it with your name , Romans, Chester, Deva

Trip to Deva on PhotoPeach

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We are the world


Well done to all involved. Especially those who sang solos at the end! Very Brave!

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Call your people to battle!!!


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New class 5h


When i was new in the school i was very quite  and i don’t now how to use tablets then mr Heap help me how to use them but then learn them how to use them and i wasn’t good to reading  and i don’t  now what is the quiz but mr Heap show me . Now  i can use every thing  and we are very lucky because we are in Samsung class.

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Boudicca history


In the school we are learning about Romans.And we are learning about Boudicca the queen of the Iceni people and she was married with  Prasutagus. They attack London and Verulamium .Prasutagus deal with Romans  when Prasutagus die one part   go to Romans and one of her family.The  Romans attack  Boudicca  but they lose.On the second battle the Romans  they get some weapons for their empire and  they win and Boudicca was  flogged  in front of her all people and the Romans say if anyone  fight with them they will flogged like Boudicca.

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Harvest Class Assembly


Sadly it seems to be very poor quality video at the moment.  While I try and fix it you can watch our assembly here.

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The Nightfury’s arrival


Chapter 1 –

The Nightfury’s arrival The night was darker than usual.Something was trailing over “Goldilock’s” Planet Earth.Darker than the darkest shadow.A beast that people fear.The legendary monster’s name stayed hidden like the beast in the dark.So we called it the Nightfury but he didn’t survive.People who clashed against the species-called dragon never survived to tell the tale.So the universe decided to keep the Nightfury alone as we know they loath the light.That’s the beast in the night!

A myth shows why dragons, called in greek latin, “Nitegnus furtioustavek”. There leader, Deathstalker Furtioustavek, size of Saturn, is science-intellectual.He goes on saying “E=Mc²”(Energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared). He was too intensed in science that the sun made him close to brink.The Nightfury in the sky now is avoiding sun rays. Could this cause Earth any harm ? © Jiyaad (5H) 2013

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Fireworks Fiesta


This is one game we made in code club

©Jiyaad(5H/Code Club) 2013 

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fan of Terry Derry’s viking tales


Why am I a fan of Terry Derry?

Iam a famn of Terry Derry because he has written all of thehviking tales and he made me so persuasive that he made me his fan.

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Chapter 2


When the set of they just about to see the sea see suddenly they saw an AAA gun fire they were in massive danger so they all were panicking but Emily wasn’t because she was a trained polite she knew what to do so she didn’t panic but the rest of them suggested to jump over board or just call the super fast private jet. Emily had faith in there self and she told the others not to panic but amazingly she calmed all of them that wasn’t basically that wasn’t here job her job was to fly it. Them lot just got to the border of France and the reached Paris they almost hit the to the popular building in France but they were about to hit it but Emily pulled up and they really survived people of Paris thought that they were going to crash but they managed to escape, it wasn’t really hard for Emily.

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The Nightfury – Prophecy


The Nightfury Prophecy

A Nightfury would dare to fight

As they love to hunt in the night

As lightning zaps from air

Ancestors unite with their heir

Together we show our fury

Joining the battle wich leads to glory

Find your hearts and join the fight

Be the one to find the light

Wich hasen’t been found for many centuries

This is the prophecy!

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Bending Water!


It works!!!

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