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Mum bought chocolate,look at all that chocolate I shouted,she put all the chocolate with the other chocolates and I felt exited about eating them,I went up to do my homework and when I did my homework I though that someone was eating the chocolate, I’ve got worried because I know if my sister ate the […]

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Tigger takes a wash


Today as I’m having a bath our orange cat called Tigger looked mysterious about what I’m doing,so I took him into the bath and give him a wash,cat hate water so when I opened the tap he tried to separate from the water and ran away.So I think that Tigger knew what I’m doing. When […]

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I want to eat pancake so I asked my mum if she could make pancakes for me. Mum said”only if you do your homework well so I gone upstairs.After about an hour I went back down and shouted”Mum I’ve finished my homework”. mum went up and check my homework.The next time I saw her she […]

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“Hey don’t eat me our cook me”sqinked the pancake as my mum took the pancake and fried it in the pan as the pancakes handshake as thay wiped there little pancake tires off. “Mum i want pancakes” moaned Sara as she was watching tv. Mum flipped the lovly nice pancake up but it fell on […]

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the pan cake horror!!!!!!!!!!


my mum flicked the pancake………… but I catched it my mum shouted dont dare to eat the pan cake now or no tv for 5 weeks  I gave up and gave her the pan cake she said do your home work then i will let you and when I finished my home work mum said […]

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