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What Are The School Councillors Up To?


The school council is a great place to be in, and whenever you get a chance you can take the chance. Right now in school council we have made lots of progress yo change our school and that also includes Miss Thompson, she is also a great leader to lead the school council and do […]



In 5H we have been singing a song all about BLP and me and my friends have made another song all about BLP. Me, Rawan and Isha have made a FABULOUS  song book which has all our songs in, right now the song is a secret.(shhhhh) By the way you don’t even know who’s who? […]

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BLP song


Your browser does not support the video tag An Amazing song written and performed by some wonderful children in Year 5. We’ll done girls. The words are below.

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BLP song words

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