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Hi Mr Heap am going to tell you what I have learned in school. I have learnt so much from BLP. BLP has helped me with everything I was stuck on like for example BLP is helping me with managing my distractions a lot. Not just BLP is helping me with work it’s the Samsung […]

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Homework for the next two weeks.


To research and find out about religious festivals. Over the coming days, many people around the world will be celebrating Eid al-Adha. Your task this week is to research celebrations from at least 3 major world religions. You could find out about why Sikh people celebrate Bandhi Chhor Diwas or how Jewish people celebrate Purim. […]

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Summary of your Homework


Well done Year 5. A very successful set of homework. I am so glad you are enjoying life in Year 5 and I can see how enthusiastic you all are. You will find that I have left a comment on each of the posts. Lots of them have follow up questions that you can answer […]

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Hi my name is Aaliya and I am  years old. I think Mr heap my  teacher is funny and the BEST!! Mr Heap is not the only person who teaches year 5 Miss Okel teaches year 5. Our head teacher  is Mr Cooke the best head teacher.We also have lists of visitor’s and lots of teaching […]

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Year 5


To be in Year 5 has been the best opportunity in Plymouth grove primary school   because you have the best teacher and the Samsung galaxy tablet the tablets are amazingly cool. You can download apps for your learning  and you can download some games what Mr Heap say are edible to play, they just […]

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Homework !!!


I saw lots of cyclists and a giant screen which showed what happened or who was going on the track to cycle and their speed and signs saying”Go team GB!!!”.I heard lots of cheering and shouting and singing and screaming . What amazed me was how fast the bikes were going and they had no […]

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Today our homework is to write or type about today’s trip!!!!!! Today for our trip we went to the Velodrome to see loads of famous people riding bikes and having races like the Olympics.Today I enjoyed it but in the end I did find it boring.We went on the trip on a coach.Everyone sat in […]

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DON’T FORGET YOUR HOMEWORK REMEMBER TO BRING IN YOUR WORK If you don’t you will have to listen to Mr Heap nagging at you so please please bring your homework for your sake!!!

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