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1.                                1. Shape are the greast thing  in year 5 2.Math in so important to year 5    4.  grafi wall is great to year 5 5.victorians are reley fun GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      

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What a great day at the velodrome


We left school about Friday 28th Spetember 12:30 for an adventrure to the Velodrome in Manchester. We saw a very large cycling ring which had a large room for people to sit and watch the cycling races. There was a man whith a microphonic speaker who was talking through it and he said “When the […]

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In the story about Oliver Twist  here are some facts The boys, had nothing on their feet they had to work whith bear feet, and they went in the dining room. The boys, who was dreaming,  about the delishious food. T he boys, who was sluriping at the food.

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victorians time


 Today we have been learning about the victorians Jim jarvise and his sister were both poor, there father died but his mother was ill that Jim went to buy pie, as he came home the stick man said, “Get out of the house! He said this because they had not paid the rent. Rose who was Jim’s mum’s friend had a work house […]

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