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Quest of Life


Chapter 1- Blixter was a brave and bold girl. Despite the unbearable circumstances, she was better than ever. Only last week she became a melancholy orphan. Her mother died at Blixter’s birth, who thinks it’s her fault. Her father died when a Cornflordix, a telekinetic beast, attacked. To Blixter, it was like it happened this […]

Chapter 2 – The Cursed talon of Death


The war wasn’t one you would want to participate in. There many gentlemen in black suits carrying corpses to their final resting place. I can’t see shacks anywhere as far as I can see. Could he be dead, I thought. No, he couldn’t because he was safe with Maxlionnes ‘ Mars Bar’ Barrusinx, the war […]

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The Nightfury – Prophecy


The Nightfury Prophecy A Nightfury would dare to fight As they love to hunt in the night As lightning zaps from air Ancestors unite with their heir Together we show our fury Joining the battle wich leads to glory Find your hearts and join the fight Be the one to find the light Wich hasen’t […]

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The Dragon Prophecy


In a time of great danger four boys shall unite One an orphan from birth trained to fight Blood of the namesake, the only light Destroyer of man shall be source of his might At opposite corners together twins stand, Fight back to back, made by one hand Three predators, from sky, sea and land […]

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